6/18/14 – Wednesday – Ranting and GPP

Recently I’ve seen posts on social media from local competitors showcasing the training that goes on at their facilities. If the things you’re doing in training at all resemble circus tricks, you’re doing it wrong. Unless you’re training people for the circus, in which case, you’re doing it right.

If you are a soccer/bball/football/vball/rugby/etc athlete, your time in the weightroom is 100% General Physical Preparation (GPP). The stuff you do on the field or court is Specific Physical Preparation (SPP). When you’re in the weightroom, you should be developing physical abilities and energy systems.

Learn to create force, to absorb force, to control your body through basic movement patterns and in basic positions. Improve sport and position specific energy systems with increasing dynamic correspondence as you approach the competitive season. It’s really not much harder than that.

If you’ve found yourself swinging from ropes kicking soccer balls, flailing about while suspended in rubber bands, or doing jumping pushups onto medicine balls, it’s time for a change.

My athletes could easily dominate those “circus tricks” style training within a week of learning it. None of the athletes who are using that as their primary mode of training could hang with my kids in a real weightroom. When you get on the field/court, all that fancy training garbage isn’t going to help you. Brutally high amounts of speed, power, strength, and fitness will.

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    uncle jason


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    Aunt Carolyn

    Common sense and simplicity triumph over fads.