7/8/14 – Tuesday – DE Bench/OHP/Recipe

Here is another recipe that I just made and is going to become a staple in my life:

Three Little Pig Salad

Prep Time: minimal if you have a great wife/husband
Cooking Time: 30 mins or so
Serves: 2-3 (This is a pretty tough one to conquer in one sitting. I’ve not yet done it and I’m a pretty big eater.)

1 lbs bacon – I use the uncured “ends and pieces” from Trader Joe’s. It’s far and away the best value. One pound is 2.99 and is high quality stuff.
1 lbs cooked Canadian bacon or cured ham
2 lbs brussel sprouts – I got these at Sam’s Club for really cheap too.
3 lbs slow cooked, finely shredded pork loin – I buy pork loins at Sam’s as well and can usually get a nice 7.5-8.5 lbs loin for around 2.40/lbs. I have Colleen cook it for about 12 hours in the crock pot with some recipe she found that is pretty good. I can post that sometime too if people are interested in it. Really it doesn’t matter though. Just make sure you’ve got about 3 lbs of cooked pork. It can even be cooked and refrigerated prior to making this recipe.

Get a big pan and dump all the bacon in it. Start cooking the bacon on medium heat. I’m not going to go into more detail about cooking bacon. If you don’t know how to make bacon, nothing that I write about is for you.

While the bacon is cooking, prepare the other ingredients. For the brussel sprouts, I just cut the hard end off and chop them in half. For the Canadian bacon/ham, cube it. The slow cooked pork should be shredded at this point if your wife/husband didn’t already do that when they made it for you.

Once the bacon is done, remove it from the grease and eat it immediately. It’s important to eat the bacon at this stage. Don’t question me on this. If you can’t eat the full pound, you weren’t ready for this recipe in the first place.

Put the brussel sprouts and Canadian bacon in the hot bacon grease. Cover it with a lid and periodically check it to make sure the sprouts don’t burn. Just keep cooking them until they get to the desired softness that you prefer. I like mine a little crunchy but do whatever pleases you here.

Finally, mix all the ingredients in a big tupperware container. Enjoy.

Macro Breakdown
Carbs: almost none except for the fiber
Fat: less than you’d think
Protein: probably 500-600g

Today’s training

3 x 50 x 45
60 x 45+doubled mini bands
15 x 135+doubled mini bands
5 x 2 x 185+doubled mini bands (close grip)
5 x 2 x 185+doubled mini bands (mid grip)
5 x 2 x 185+doubled mini bands (comp grip)

Seated Behind the Neck Press
20 x 45
10 x 95
5 x 145
3 x 195
1 x 225
1 x 245
1 x 255 missed once and then came back and got it
3 x 8 x 175


4 x 12

Cable High Rows
4 x 15 x 250+mini band
finished with a drop set

Bodyweight Tri Ext

4 x 15
finished with a drop set by raising the bar after each set

DB Curls

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  • July 8, 2014

    The pulled pork is cooked in the crockpot with super strong coffee and some beef broth. Rub it with salt and pepper beforehand. Add BBQ sauce afterwards if you don’t hate carbs