Bench Program

Here is the whole program that I’m currently following laid out for anyone who is interested. I’ve used this several times and had pretty good success with it. I used it leading up to my last powerlifting meet where I benched 375 @ 220. Not setting any records but not terrible either.

One of the keys to making this work is, like most programs, don’t overestimate your max. If you’re unsure what your current max is, use a rep test and take 95% of the estimated number. Another important facet of the program is the frequency. You get a lot of time to practice your setup and technique. If these are not already pretty good, don’t try this. It’s best not to pile a bunch of crap on top of your mediocre technique, unless you like shoulder or elbow injuries. Also, since it calls for benching 3x per week, you have to be careful about not overreaching relative to your ability to recover from training. If you’re doing a bunch of other very taxing things in training or life, this will catch up to you. When the percentages start piling up around week 3, you had better be eating and sleeping well.

Here is what the program looks like with my current numbers written in. If you would like to follow this, use the percentages listed (% of 1RM) instead of the raw values (unless your bench max happens to be 375). Don’t try to do these training sessions on consecutive days. I’m currently doing them on a Sunday/Tuesday/Friday split.

Bench Max 375

375 with some speed. #nospotterneeded

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Sets x Reps x Weight (%1RM)

Week 1

6 x 2 x 300 80%
6 x 3 x 300 80%
6 x 2 x 300 80%

Week 2

6 x 4 x 300 80%
6 x 2 x 300 80%
6 x 5 x 300 80%

Week 3

6 x 2 x 300 80%
6 x 6 x 300 80%
6 x 2 x 300 80%

Week 4

5 x 5 x 320 85%
6 x 2 x 300 80%
4 x 4 x 340 90%

Week 5

6 x 2 x 300 80%
3 x 3 x 355 95%
6 x 2 x 300 80%

Week 6

2 x 2 x 375 100%
6 x 2 x 300 80%
Work up to new 1RM

***Disclaimer*** I have no idea where this originally came from. I got it while training with Cincinnati Barbell Club but I have a hunch that they didn’t invent it. Maybe they did, who knows? If you have any reservations about your overall health or fitness regarding this plan, don’t do it. Absolutely DO NOT consult a doctor about this. They tend to know almost nothing about strength training and will likely not have any useful input. Finally, don’t blame me if you die or hurt yourself. You probably did it wrong.