Foundation Topics

I wanted to create a running list of topics that will help form the base of a sort of “pyramid of knowledge” for incoming interns or employees. This list will be something that anyone coming into the organization can look to when they have free time and do some self guided learning.

In no particular order:

  • force-velocity curve
  • sliding filament theory (length tension relationship)
  • energy systems/bioenergetics
  • needs analysis
  • basic animal cellular function/metabolism
  • logical falacies
  • basic stats: significance, normal/skewed distributions, correlation coefficient, external validity, construct validity
  • basic physics: kinetics, kinematics, Newtonian laws
  • dynamic correspondence
  • elements of periodization: concentrated blocks, conjugation, concurrency, undulation, linearity, wave loading
  • progression variables (see earlier ASP article)

Check back periodically as this list is subject to change.