New Bands Have Arrived!

We now feature a full array of EliteFTS brand Onyx resistance bands. These are their top of the line, professionally calibrated resistance bands. Below is a chart of band tension provided by each band for our Rogue deadlift platform. Top values are approximate as it is relative to the height you pull the bar but are pretty close for most people. Also, this chart is representing a setup with both strands of the bands on top of the bar. Values can be halved by having only one strand on top of the bar and one running across the bottom. Multiple bands can be used to achieve almost any combination of tension desired.

Bottom Top
1 2 20
2 15 50
3 20 85
4 30 120
5 50 200
6         n/a         n/a

Values are in pounds and are simply added to the weight on the bar for the total weight lifted. See example here.