Products & Services

The Academy of Sports Performance offers the following goods and services

Individual Training
Goal focused, physical preparation for athletes. Our training staff is knowledgeable and experienced in many different methodologies and will design a complete protocol to help you excel at your given sport. Each client receives a free initial consultation during which the assigned trainer evaluates the client based on a variety of factors including: sport(s) played, physical demands, fitness goals, training background, history of injury, etc. A program is then designed by our team specifically for that client in order to help him/her achieve the goals that they’ve identified. We then work with you to schedule sessions at a time that is convenient for you. There is no expiration date on your sessions and if you wish to cancel, for any reason, we will refund you the balance of your account.
Semi-Private Training
For our more experienced athletes we offer small group, semi-private sessions. This is an excellent opportunity for athletes to maintain their training in-season. The advanced athlete with several hours under his/her belt in the weight room will be eligible for these sessions, available at a reduced cost. These programs are less feedback intensive; athletes arrive to find their individual plan laid out for them. Under the supervision of a certified trainer, they complete each session receiving feedback and assistance when necessary. Semi-private training is ONLY offered at select times, and MUST be scheduled with your trainer. A minimum commitment of 10 sessions is required (payment plans available).
Small Group Training
 Small group training at ASP provides clients with a variety of benefits. Athletes enjoy the fun and competitive atmosphere of training with friends and teammates, while at the same time receiving individual attention and coaching at a reduced rate. Training programs are tailored to fit the demands of each group’s sport, or in some cases multiple sports. Make the commitment to yourself and your group and let us transform you into the athlete you know you can be! Rates are based on number of athletes in the group and length of commitment.
Large Group/Team Training
Let our team train your team! At ASP we are equipped to handle your entire team’s pre/off-season strength and conditioning regime. Our certified performance coaches will work with you to prepare everyone for the physical demands of a long and arduous season. We combine elements of strength, speed, agility, and injury prevention training to give your athletes the edge they need. You handle the X’s and O’s and leave the rest to us. Watch as your team comes together and forms a bond that will not be broken!
Post Rehab/Return to Sport
In sports, as well as in life, accidents happen. When an injury occurs it can be devastating to an athlete, both physically and mentally. Once surgery and rehabilitation have been completed, what’s the next step? As anyone who has gone through it will tell you: “cleared to play” is not the same as “ready to play.” At ASP we have the knowledge and experience needed to get you back on the field or court. Our expert trainers will take you through a program which will not only build your strength, but your confidence as well. Come back fitter, stronger, faster, and more resistant to injury.
Basketball Fundamentals and Skill Development
Basketball players of all ages and skill levels can train with former collegiate and professional basketball player James Cripe.
- Over 5 years professional experience both internationally and in the NBA Developmental League.
- Former team captain University of Dayton ‘06
- Loveland High School alumnus ‘02
- NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
- CPR and AED certified by the American Heart Association
James will put his years of experience to use helping players to improve their shooting form, ball handling, post moves, foot work, defense and rebounding. At ASPWest we have everything an aspiring basketball player needs. Build an unmatched level of fitness as the foundation and develop the skill set to go with it. Schedule your sessions at your convenience and reach new heights with your game!
ASP Scholarship Program
The Scholarship Program is aimed at giving back to the strength and conditioning community through awarding a yearly scholarship to one or more deserving young athletes. The goal of this program will be to provide our top level service for each accepted athlete free of charge. Applications will be distributed to local schools and athletic clubs. Athletes of all ages will be encouraged to apply. Initial application requirements will include two references, an essay expressing their desire and need, and a personal meeting with ASP staff.
Educational Seminars
Due to the importance placed on evidence-based practice within ASP, we are uniquely positioned to offer educational courses to area athletes, coaches, trainers, parents, and other interested parties. These will be available throughout the year to accommodate seasonal sports changes as well as facilitate the requests of interested parties. If you are interested in having one of our coaches speak to your group, please contact us to check on availability.
Online/In-Person Consulting
The world of strength and conditioning is flooded with a variety of information. Often it can be overwhelming, and we here at ASP are teachers first and foremost. If you have a question about ANYTHING fitness related: injury recovery, joint pain, supplements, dieting, or the latest and greatest training techniques, we are here to answer them. We GUARANTEE you will leave with not only the answers to your questions, but the science behind them as well. Stop relying on fitness magazines, blogs and self-proclaimed gurus for your information and sit down with one of our team members today. Knowledge is power!
Champion’s Club/Open Membership
Join the Academy of Sports Performance Champion’s Club! Adults with a variety of fitness levels and goals enjoy access to top level equipment and facilities. We understand that for you to be the best you need an environment that fosters greatness. At ASP you are part of a community of like-minded individuals that support you and push you to succeed. For a monthly fee you get unlimited use of either facility (ASP or ASPWest) as well as the option of participating in our boot camp program. Not sure what to do? No problem. For an additional fee our team of qualified performance coaches will design a program that’s right for you.
Boot Camp
Enjoy a good challenge? Need a little positive reinforcement? Boot camp may be the right choice for you. Each session is a fast-paced, total body workout, designed to test your limits. Just a beginner? Don’t worry, the program is designed specifically to allow each individual to push themselves. For those of you who are easily bored, our boot camp employs a variety of tools and techniques to keep your body guessing. We offer both evening and weekend classes for your convenience. Test your mettle today! 
Single Day Pass
Adults and athletes who are visiting Cincinnati from out of town can train at either ASP location for a daily rate.